Mounter Nozzle Cleaner

Product introduction
Product description

Double cleaning power by ultrasonic and vacuum brings excellent solution.

 image.png  SC-ENX can clean 80 nozzles at one time.

 image.pngWe offer a wide range of nozzle holders suitable to the mounter manufacturers.(Some nozzle holders may not fit to the cleaner.)

 image.pngTechnology of ultrasonic and vacuum system brings perfect cleaning because ultrasonic water passes through completely into every nozzle opening by vacuum state.

 image.pngThere are almost no damage to nozzles by not to splash water to the reflector.

 image.pngUse “Purified Water” for regular cleaning.

 image.pngFor PRE-CLEANING of the persistent solder or dirt, use our recommended “Alkaline Electrolyzed Water”.

Cleaning Ability


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